All About the Pose

girl and guitar

I always credit the pose makers in my posts. I know that we cannot make a avatar based picture without them. Still, and even though I make poses and animations, I sometimes really don't pay that much attention to that important link in the creative process.

I have maybe five hundred poses that I have kept over ten years. Some I know the names by heart; some are almost as old as I am and good friends in their own way.

But when I get impressed, I DO get impressed and this new to me pose maker had me shaking my head in a wake up and smell the roses sort of way.

Not only is this EMOZIONE  **All Those Moments!** BENTO a fantastic pose, it fits me. Now that might not seem like much but I am very hard to fit and many, many poses do not work. It takes time and knowledge to make a pose that will fit most people. I know as that is part of my criteria when I make mine.

The pose comes on a high tech rezzer base which has a hide function. While you can adjust the pose BEFORE hiding, silly me -- I skipped that. So I used my hover height controls and that worked just fine. There is also that show transparent to find the base if you lose it; I did among the grasses -- again, silly me. But I DID get a lovely shot and we all know that's the important thing!

There are other poses in this Cosmopolitan release that I have yet to explore, so you may be seeing some others in the near future.

Other Cosmopolitan Event releases in this post include:

Fireoven by Mushilu, a great addition to your rustic outdoor setting.

[Canimal] Hayden shirt and skirt with color huds are casual attire for the country but keep that girlie part of the equation.

Ricielli's REYNA Boots can pair with skirts or pants with ease. Lots of pretty colors, these are a great basic for your wardrobe.

My hair is a new release from no.match, no religion. It features a fun oversized side pony tale. Find it at On9.

Collar (gift) by fame femme from awhile back.

Pose by: EMOZIONE and Di's Opera



A new backdrop blending light, color and shapes is out from Paparazzi.  Heartbeat comes in various color combos of lighting. This is style 4.

Simple but dramatic the shapes and tones combine to push those creative block cobwebs aside; a perfect place to have some fun with light and shadow.

My attire is fittingly dramatic.

From JF Design, the "Juliana" Mini Dress (Maitreya and Belleza fits) available in many striking hues.

From G&D Shoes Lara Metalized with color hud  (Maitreya, Belleza and Slink fits).

From amias, the TILLY 2 necklace which comes rigged for Maitreya as well as unrigged. Three choices of coin colors can be found.

Find them all at Cosmopolitan.

Remember those pretty sparkles from yesterday -- the ones on the MEVA outfit for Epiphany?

I bet you thought they were part of the fabric. But no, they are add-ons (and rares) coming in gold, silver and copper.  The great thing is that they not only look great with the outfit they were designed for -- they can double as body jewelry with other stylings. Here, I added the copper glitter for the left leg. It really shows off -- well, my legs!

Hair by Dela
Skin also by amias
Makeup by alaskametro

Poses by: Artis and Di's Opera

Earth Elements

Earth Elements

Three fresh releases come together for this dramatic photo.

From MEVA for The Epiphany, some items from the Conny set. As you would imagine there are many more colors as well as a half jacket.

From eXxEsS a pretty updo, Sahara, with side and back whispy tendrils.

And the striking landforms in the background are part of a large set designed for full sim installations. A mossy green version as well as a fatpack containing both are also available. Find them at the ChiC buildings pad -  Cosmopolitan.

Bracelets were a gift from Kunglers this last year and likely no longer available.

Makeup by alaskametro.

Poses by: aDORKable