From !dM deviousMInd  for LOOTBOX  (a gacha) , "Samira" Tribal Silks. Dancing girls on summer nights. Soft sands. Exotics. All are wrapped up in this glorious outfit. Chandra has outdone herself with this release. Details abound.

From the notecard:

Each round of gameplay rewards you with a random set of "Samira" Silks. The gacha consists of 2 sets in 8 common colors, for a total of 16 commons. The sets are as follows:
• Bra & Silktails
• OrnamentLingerie

On top of the commons, there are 3 lootboxes to win: The **PEARL** Lootbox, the **TRIBAL** Lootbox and **SECRET RARE** Lootbox.

Maitreya and Slink Hourglass fits.

=DeLa*= Mesh Hair "Maree"

Poses by: Eternal Dream and aDORKable

Subway Strolling

From Canimal, Mod, taking us back a few decades to enjoy the fun. A color hud let's you pick your favorite hue. Find it at Cosmopolitan. Maitreya fit.

I added the fun Ivey bracelet from MEVA, this in coordinating black and gold.

Hair: Snorrie by Ducknipple

Pose by: Di's Opera

Body Jewelry

body jewelry

One of the most impressive new release at Tres Chic is the NiU - Chain bikini which comes in many colors, this being silver.

Now there isn't MUCH to this outfit (really, not much at all *wink*) but it is beautifully made. And if you have the occasion to be in NEED of "body jewelry" then you will not want to miss this.

Maitreya fit.

My hair can be found at the same TC locale. Look for the TUKINOWAGUMA both and Francis!  This has a style changer with bangs or no bangs.

Pose by: EverGlow